Search for [True American]

Each participant received a small flag as he entered the seating area.

Photo Credit: Brittney Bush via Flickr, Creative Commons License

SEARCH FOR: [True American] AND white (and not black or brown or yellow or indigenous) AND Christian (and not Hindu or Muslim or Sikh or Buddhist or Jain or Jew) AND middle class (and not poor or hungry or homeless) AND English (and not Spanish or Tagalog or Vietnamese or anything accented) AND blue jeans (and not turban or sari or hijab) W/35 OF democracy (and not compromise) AND wealth (and not equality) AND guns (and not safety) AND health (and not healthcare) AND war (and not peace) AND prisons (and not schools) AND tests (and not learning) AND progress (and not struggle) AND privilege (w/o price) AND price (w/o value) AND The American Dream (and not racism or opportunity withered or inequality as tall as the Empire State)

0 results found.


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